Whiteness as a Psychosis
"A central thesis of critical Whiteness studies is that it presumes that Whiteness can be reasoned with, treated, or even abolished (Roediger, 1994). However, if we see Whiteness as a psychosis, then we understand that it is hallmarked by irrationality and a distinct inability to see reality in any other way than the distorted view it creates. As Allen (2001) explains:

To be accepted as a member of the white-race-at-large . . . a white person is culturally required to internalize a dysfunctional view of realty . . . We tend to live under the illusions of our own self- manufactured image of ourselves: we believe that we are nice, kind, benevolent and caring folk and, more importantly, that is how other racial groups see us. Many whites in the United States have even constructed and internalized the baseless fantasy that we are the most oppressed of all racial groups. (p. 482)
The paper offers reflections on white psychosis that we can think with in relation to the consulting room and beyond. 
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