“my whole life i have ate my tongue. ate my tongue. ate my tongue. i am so full of my tongue you would think speaking is easy. but it is not. – for we who keep our lives in our mouths”
The Infinity of the Unsaid: Unformulated Experience, Language, and the Nonverbal is a book by Donnel B. Stern that does a lot of work with the title alone.  
What has been unsaid in relation to race, embodied racialised trauma, whiteness, the whole construct and matrix of race?  How have you eaten your tongue? 
What has gone unsaid in your therapy in relation to race?  
To your clients?  Colleagues? Peers?  
Imaging the list of all that has so far gone unsaid.
Imagining speaking the unsaid - what went unsaid in your training?  In your supervision?  
What life remains in your mouth? 

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